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Cancun trip

A Google map with things we're interested in on Cozumel.


Wednesday, August 24

10:30 AM: Meet at atrium, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
11:00 AM: Lunch at One Flew South, Concourse E
12:30 PM: Arrive at gate
1:30 PM: Depart Atlanta
3:00 PM: Arrive Cancun
Evening: Dinner at La Panza es Primero with Keith and Yvette

Thursday, August 25

Morning and afternoon: Explore Cancun
4:00 PM: Return to hotel, clean up, conference registration
6:30 PM: Unfashionable early arrival at welcome reception

Friday, August 26

8:00 AM: Snag breakfast from meeting we don't care about
11:35 AM: Social media for beginners
12:45 PM: Mexican culinary experience
2:30 PM: Team building piñata activity
6:15 PM: Leave for dinner at JW Marriott

Saturday, August 27

9:30 AM: Social media next steps
1:00 PM: Catamaran excursion
6:00 PM: White party at LeBlanc

Sunday, August 28

9:30 AM: Travel via transfer from hotel to Cancun airport
10:30 AM: Travel via bus from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen
11:15 AM: Arrive in Playa del Carmen, purchase ferry tickets at pier
1:00 PM: Travel via ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel
1:45 PM: Travel on foot / via taxi from pier to hotel
3:00 PM: Photo tour of Cozumel
Evening: Town square party

Monday, August 29

10:00 AM: Travel via taxi from hotel to race start
10:30 AM: Amazing Race Cozumel
3:00 PM: Travel via taxi from race finish to hotel
Evening: Dinner and dang ol' what-not

Tuesday, August 30

8:30 AM: Matt & Mischelle travel via taxi from hotel to SCUBA location
9:00 AM: Matt & Mischelle SCUBA tour
12:00 PM: Matt & Mischelle travel via taxi from SCUBA location to hotel
Afternoon: Snorkeling tour
Evening: Dinner and dang ol' what-not

Wednesday, August 31

10:30 AM: Travel on foot / via taxi from hotel to pier
11:00 AM: Travel via ferry from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen
12:00 PM: Travel via bus from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel
1:00 PM: Arrive at Cancun airport
3:55 PM: Depart Cancun
7:30 PM: Arrive Atlanta

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