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 ==== How do I get in? ==== ==== How do I get in? ====
-For the momentall you need to do is RSVP on the [[|Evite]] I've created.  ​That will make sure you hear any updates as they happen.  ​Thenstart dreaming ​about your Caribbean vacation!+ 
 +=== Conference registration === 
 +First, you need to [[|register]] for the conference on GaMPI's website.  ​Most of the questions are straightforward,​ but a few of them can be confusing for those of us not in the meeting planning industry: 
 +  * //Company name// can be your employer, if you like.  ​As Leslie saysit can be a good conversation and networking starter 
 +  * //Industry category// should be "​Planner." ​ We all occasionally organize events at work, and at any rate we certainly aren't suppliers 
 +  * //​Association//​ should be "MPI Georgia Chapter"​ so that Leslie'​s group correctly receives credit for our stay 
 +  * You //​heard ​about the conference//​ through a GaMPI board member: namely, Leslie 
 +  * Don't forget ​your //itinerary information//​ is here on this webpage for you to use in your registration 
 +=== Resort reservation === 
 +Once you've registered for the conference, you'll receive a //group code// to enter on the [[http://​​stjames/​index.asp|Secrets reservation site]]. ​ This should give you access to the special room rates for the conference. 
 +I made a note on Leslie'​s and my reservation to place Mischelle and Matt's rooms near ours, if possible. ​ You may wish to do the same when you make your own reservation.
 ==== Itineraries ==== ==== Itineraries ====

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