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 ==== Where? ==== ==== Where? ====
-The exact point of the starting line is still to be announced.  ​The 2009 national championship ​race was centered ​in the French Quarter, ​so it stands to reason ​that this year'​s ​will be in similar area.  ​The [[​DetailedAreaMap.jsp?​txtStationID=nol|train station]] in New Orleans ​is located ​in the central business district near the Superdomeso we'll be looking for something fairly closeby.+So far I've found three good options for places to stay: 
 +  * This [[http://​​354637|historic home on Magazine Street]] in the Lower Garden District ​is a little further from the French Quarter than the other options, but comes in at the lowest price.  ​It's also got a hot tub for soothing ​race-weary legs.  It runs $150 per night and has an $80 cleaning fee ($132.50 with four, $88.33 with six) 
 +  * This [[http://​​197182|loft on Poeyfarre Street]] is located ​in [[http://​​|The Cotton Mill]], a live/​work/​play development in the Warehouse District. ​ It's closer to the French Quarter ​and is nicely located just 3/4 mile from the train stationand though ​it says it accommodates six people ​that might be a squeeze. ​ It runs $185 per night and I'm confirming whether there's a cleaning fee ($138.75+ with four, $92.50+ with six) 
 +  * This [[|condo off Bourbon Street]] is our best bet to actually stay in the French Quarter. ​ It's got a private balcony overlooking ​the street and a cute little courtyard. ​ It runs $325 per night and has a $175 cleaning fee ($287.50 with four$191.66 with six)
 ==== How much? ==== ==== How much? ====

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