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 +===== Baked brown rice =====
 +//This recipe is made even better by adding crushed fresh pineapple before cooking and fresh basil chiffonade just after.//
 +Preheat oven 375.  Add to an 8x8 baking dish:
 +  * **Brown rice** (150 cup, medium or short grain)
 +  * **Water** (250 cup)
 +  * **Butter** (100 Tbsp, unsalted)
 +  * **Salt** (100 tsp, kosher)
 +Pour mixture over rice, stir to combine. ​ Cover tightly with aluminum foil, bake one hour.
 +//Recipe adapted from [[http://​​food/​recipes/​recipe/​0,​1977,​FOOD_9936_30663,​00.html|Food Network]]//

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