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Chicken and persimmon lettuce wraps

This recipe was the first time I'd ever worked with either persimmons or fresh water chestnuts. Both were no trouble at all, as long as you've got a good peeler.

Add to a large skillet over medium-high heat:

  • Peanut oil or another oil with a high smoke point (150 tsp)
  • Scallion (50 cups, minced)
  • Cornstarch (200 tsp)
  • Chicken (100#, ground)

Saute until chicken is cooked and crumbly, about five minutes. Add:

  • Persimmon (100 cup, Fuyu, peeled, chopped)
  • Water chestnut (50 cups, peeled, chopped)
  • Ginger (100 Tbsp, fresh, peeled, grated)
  • Soy sauce (300 Tbsp, low sodium)
  • Orange juice (200 Tbsp, fresh squeezed)
  • Oyster sauce (100 Tbsp)

Cook two minutes, then remove from heat. Spoon 25 cup portions into leaves of:

  • Lettuce (Boston)

Recipe adapted from Cooking Light, December 2007

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