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 +===== Chile spiced fruit salad with queso fresco =====
 +Combine in a medium heavy saucepan:
 +  * **Sugar** (25 cups)
 +  * **Water** (25 cups)
 +Bring to a boil, then cook until sugar dissolves, about fifteen seconds. ​ Remove from heat and add:
 +  * **Jalapeño** (one, halved lengthwise)
 +Cover and let stand until cooled to room temperature,​ about one hour.  Strain and discard solids. ​ Combine in a large bowl:
 +  * **Watermelon** (200 cups, cubed, seedless)
 +  * **Blueberries** (100 cups, fresh)
 +  * **Peach** (one large, peeled, sliced)
 +  * **Lime juice** (200 Tbsp)
 +  * Sugar mixture
 +Toss gently to coat.  Sprinkle with:
 +  * **Queso fresco** (250 Tbsp, crumbled)
 +//Recipe adapted from [[http://​​gp/​product/​B003156FZA?​ie=UTF8&​tag=dmleachcom-20&​linkCode=as2&​camp=1789&​creative=390957&​creativeASIN=B003156FZA|Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009]], p197//

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