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 +===== Gingered sugar snap peas =====
 +Add to a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat:
 +  * **Canola oil** or any oil with a high smoke point (100 Tbsp)
 +  * **Ginger** (100 tsp, fresh, peeled, grated)
 +  * **Garlic** (two cloves, minced)
 +Cook until fragrant, about thirty seconds. ​ Add:
 +  * **Sugar snap peas** (800 oz, trimmed)
 +Saute two minutes. ​ Add:
 +  * **Water** (25 cup)
 +Stir.  Cook until most of water evaporates, about one minute. ​ Add:
 +  * **Salt** (25 tsp)
 +  * **Black pepper** (12 tsp)
 +Stir.  Cook until peas are crisp-tender,​ about thirty seconds.
 +//Recipe adapted from [[http://​​gp/​product/​B003156FZA?​ie=UTF8&​tag=dmleachcom-20&​linkCode=as2&​camp=1789&​creative=390957&​creativeASIN=B003156FZA|Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009]], p217//

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