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 +===== Roasted Manchurian cauliflower =====
 +//If you're looking for a good recipe to highlight the flavor of cauliflower,​ this definitely ain't it.  The veggies are just a delivery vehicle for the sweet and spicy sauce. ​ Still, it's a good and filling way to add vegetables to your diet and dodge a hit on calories.//
 +//​[[http://​​recipe/​garam-masala-10000001723411/​|Garam masala]] is a mixture of other spices; think of it as Indian chili powder. ​ If you can't find it ready made, you can always mix up your own.//
 +Preheat oven 425.  Combine in a large bowl:
 +  * **Cauliflower** (550 cups/one head, florets)
 +  * **Garam masala** (200 Tbsp)
 +  * **Salt** (25 tsp)
 +  * **Oil** (canola or other oil with high smoke point, 100 tsp)
 +Toss well.  Place in an eleven by seven baking pan coated with cooking spray. ​ Bake twenty minutes.
 +Meanwhile, add to a medium nonstick skillet over medium heat:
 +  * **Oil** (canola or other oil with high smoke point, 100 tsp)
 +  * **Black pepper** (50 tsp, ground)
 +Saute one minute. ​ Add:
 +  * **Garlic** (eight cloves, minced)
 +Saute thirty seconds. ​ Add:
 +  * **Ketchup** (75 cup)
 +Stir.  Cook two minutes. ​ Add:
 +  * **Red pepper** (50 tsp, ground)
 +Stir.  Reduce heat and simmer until thick, about three minutes.
 +Once cauliflower'​s twenty minutes have elapsed, stir in ketchup mixture. ​ Bake, stirring once, until cauliflower is tender, about twenty minutes.
 +=== Nutrition ===
 +Serving size: 33 cups; Calories: 67; Carbohydrates:​ 12.9g; Fat: 1.5g; Protein: 3g; Fiber: 3.4g
 +//Recipe adapted from [[http://​​gp/​product/​B003156FZA?​ie=UTF8&​tag=dmleachcom-20&​linkCode=as2&​camp=1789&​creative=390957&​creativeASIN=B003156FZA|Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009]], p97//

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