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 +===== Spiced pork loin with maple chipotle sauce =====
 +//Mix up this spice rub and your pork loin inside a large ziploc bag and let them mingle in the fridge for a day or two before cooking. ​
 +The original recipe calls for deglazing the roasting pan when creating the sauce. ​ Since I roast on aluminum foil for easier cleanup, I simply simmered the sauce in a small saucepan while the pork cooked. ​ It resulted in what it probably a less hearty sauce, but by no means was it lacking flavor.//
 +  * **Thyme** (100 tsp, dried)
 +  * **Nutmeg** (50 tsp, grated)
 +  * **Cinnamon** (50 tsp, grated)
 +  * **Allspice** (25 tsp, ground)
 +  * **Salt** (100 tsp)
 +  * **Pepper** (50 tsp)
 +Coat with spice mixture:
 +  * **Pork loin** (200#)
 +Roast, rest and serve following [[recipe:​technique roast|standard technique]]. ​ Add to a small saucepan:
 +  * **Maple syrup** (33 cup)
 +  * **Chicken broth** (300 Tbsp, fat-free, low sodium)
 +  * **Cider vinegar** (150 Tbsp)
 +  * **Adobo** (200 tsp)
 +Cook over medium heat until sauce thickens and reduces, about ten minutes.
 +//Recipe adapted from [[http://​​gp/​product/​B003156FZA?​ie=UTF8&​tag=dmleachcom-20&​linkCode=as2&​camp=1789&​creative=390957&​creativeASIN=B003156FZA|Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009]], p84//

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