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 +San Francisco 
 +Uncle Benny 
 +CLOUDS_200~Clouds are this kind of mixture of liquid suspended in gas, a word more commonly associated with spray paint and Aqua Net.~Aerosol 
 +CLOUDS_400~This type of cloud gets its name from the Latin for “heap;” makes sense since they look like fluffy piles of cotton.~Cumulus 
 +CLOUDS_600~The clouds of Venus are made up of droplets of this acid used in drain cleaners and lead-acid batteries.~Sulfuric acid 
 +CLOUDS_800~This family of clouds forms at very high altitudes and takes its name from the Latin word meaning a curl of hair.~Cirrus 
 +CLOUDS_1000~Clouds form when the air drops below its condensation temperature,​ a value also known as this.~Dew point 
 +TRUST_200~These features surrounding castles weren'​t necessarily filled with water, but doing so made digging tunnels harder for attackers.~Moats 
 +TRUST_400~Vault Boy knows these enclosed spaces designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris are denoted by a symbol made of three downward-pointing triangles~Fallout shelter 
 +TRUST_600~This type of master key is filed down to be able to open numerous locks; its name refers to the fact that it's been reduced to its essential parts.~Skeleton key 
 +TRUST_800~James Winner, Jr. invented this popular automotive steering wheel lock, which hit the market in 1986.~The Club 
 +TRUST_1000~To be part of the Pontifical Guard at the Vatican a recruit must be a Catholic single male with citizenship in this country.~Switzerland 
 +ALOHA_200~These necklaces don't have to be made of flowers; shells, fish teeth, and candy are popular materials too.~Lei 
 +ALOHA_400~This Hawaiian word means someone who is a priest, magician, or expert; the best surfer in a 1960's beach movie was called the Big one~Kahuna 
 +ALOHA_600~This open-sided roofed veranda or patio shares its name with the sixth largest Hawaiian island~Lanai 
 +ALOHA_800~This two-letter Hawaiian word means “shell;​” repeated as a four-letter word it means “snacks” or “appetizers”~Pu 
 +ALOHA_1000~This four-letter Hawaiian word familiar to internet users means “quick;​” it's sometimes repeated as an eight-letter word~Wiki 
 +CRM_200~A sweet sauce made by cooking sugar until it changes color~Caramel 
 +CRM_400~The point on which a lever pivots, like the center of a seesaw~Fulcrum 
 +CRM_600~Something that is not in its correct historical time~Anachronism 
 +CRM_800~The larva of the Geometer moth: a caterpillar with legs at both ends but none in the middle~Inchworm 
 +CRM_1000~An elephant~Pachyderm 
 +SAN_FRANCISCO_200~Despite its name, this color of the paint used on this San Francisco bridge is “international orange.”~Golden Gate Bridge 
 +SAN_FRANCISCO_400~Like Atlanta'​s,​ the city flag of San Francisco features this mythical bird, much for the same reason.~Phoenix 
 +SAN_FRANCISCO_600~45% of San Fransisco'​s population speak primarily something other than English; varieties of this are the most common foreign language in the city.~Chinese 
 +SAN_FRANCISCO_800~When it was finished in 1972 it was the eighth tallest building in the world; for a few months more it  remains the tallest in San Francisco.~Transamerica Pyramid 
 +SAN_FRANCISCO_1000~Naturally there'​s a Ben & Jerry'​s shop at the corner of these two San Francisco streets, an intersection synonymous with the hippie movement.~Haight and Ashbury 
 +SALESFORCE_200~Dwight Schrute, from “The Office”~Paper 
 +SALESFORCE_400~Hank Hill, from “King of the Hill”~Propane 
 +SALESFORCE_600~Al Bundy, from “Married With Children”~Shoes 
 +SALESFORCE_800~Phil Dunphy, from “Modern Family”~Real estate 
 +SALESFORCE_1000~Lester Nygaard, from “Fargo” (the TV show, that is)~Life insurance 
 +LIGHTNING_400~The opening lines of this play are, “When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?​”~Macbeth 
 +LIGHTNING_800~This author never specifies in her 1818 novel exactly how Victor Frankenstein brings his creation to life; the notion of electricity came in the later movies.~Mary Shelley 
 +LIGHTNING_1200~Emily Brontë describes the souls of Catherine Earnshaw and Edgar Linton “as different as a moonbeam from lightning” in this, her only published novel.~Wuthering Heights 
 +LIGHTNING_1600~”The Lightning Thief” is the first of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series written by this author.~Rick Riordan 
 +LIGHTNING_2000~This novel describes the death of Humbert Humbert'​s mother in just two parenthetical words: “(picnic, lightning).”~Lolita 
 +SAASY_400~Express your admiration first by “oohing,​” then by doing this~Aahing 
 +SAASY_800~Unsurprisingly,​ the origin of this word meaning the bleat of a sheep is imitative.~Baa 
 +SAASY_1200~Despite appearances,​ this nocturnal African insectivore isn't at all related to the anteater.~Aardvark 
 +SAASY_1600~An enclosed, open air marketplace~Bazaar 
 +SAASY_2000~This word meaning a fortification of wagons sounds like a style of beer made by maturing in cold storage, but it's spelled with an extra “a”.~Laager 
 +CHATTY_400~This king of late night hosted The Tonight Show for thirty years, starting in 1962.~Johnny Carson 
 +CHATTY_800~35 years into her television career she co-created “The View,” and was part of the show's panel of hosts for its first 17 seasons.~Barbara Walters 
 +CHATTY_1200~Her talk show is not only one of the highest rated in current syndication - her show's YouTube channel ranks #14 in subscribers worldwide.~Ellen DeGeneres 
 +CHATTY_1600~His 1990s talk show featured a section of the the audience called the Dog Pound, whose members woofed and twirled their fists in the air.~Arsenio Hall 
 +CHATTY_2000~Of the four hosts of NBC's “Late Night” show, his 16 year stint was the longest.~Conan O'​Brien 
 +ASTRO_400~Originally called ChemGrass, this artificial surface made its debut in Houston'​s stadium in 1966.~Astroturf 
 +ASTRO_800~Since 2002 the Astros have played their home games in a stadium named for this juicy beverage brand.~Minute Maid 
 +ASTRO_1200~Astros stars Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, along with a group of other alliteratively named players, went by this insectlike nickname.~Killer Bs 
 +ASTRO_1600~2005 marked the first World Series played in Texas, though the Astros lost in four straight games to this team who broke an 88 season championship drought.~Chicago White Sox 
 +ASTRO_2000~This all-time strikeout leader played nine seasons with the Astros, having grown up in the nearby city of Alvin.~Nolan Ryan 
 +CODEY_400~In this code, the letter S is represented by three dots.~Morse code 
 +CODEY_800~In this code, the letter S is represented by the right dot on the top row, the left dot on the center row, and the left dot on the bottom row.~Braille 
 +CODEY_1200~In this code, the letter S is represented by extending the flag in the left hand straight out and the flag in the right diagonally downward.~Semaphore 
 +CODEY_1600~The letter S is represented in the NATO phonetic alphabet by this code word.~Sierra 
 +CODEY_2000~The letter S represents this country in the code of European vehicle registrations,​ often shown on white oval stickers affixed to cars.~Sweden 
 +UNCLE_BENNY_400~The song played during his comedy show's frantic fast-forwarded chase gags is called “Yakety Sax.”~Benny Hill 
 +UNCLE_BENNY_800~This jazz clarinetist and bandleader was first called “The King of Swing” in 1936.~Benny Goodman 
 +UNCLE_BENNY_1200~Benny Andersson is one of the four members of this Swedish music group.~ABBA 
 +UNCLE_BENNY_1600~The accident-prone “Dora the Explorer” character Benny is this kind of animal.~Bull 
 +UNCLE_BENNY_2000~The lead singer of this fictional band is said to wear “electric boots” and “a mohair suit;” their story is told in a 1974 Hot 100 single.~Bennie and the Jets 
 +MEASURE_FJ~A unit of length measuring six feet, or a verb meaning to understand.~Fathom

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