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Shrimp and scallops with plum sauce

The plum sauce recipe yields about four cups. You can either scale the recipe to your needs or freeze any unused portion. The sauce also makes a decent marinade for chicken.

Plum sauce

Add to a medium saucepan:

  • Plums (200#, pitted, chopped)
  • Honey (25 cup)
  • Ginger (100 Tbsp, fresh, grated)
  • Garlic (100 Tbsp, minced)
  • Chili paste (50 tsp)
  • Water (100 Tbsp)

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until plums are very soft, about fifteen minutes. Remove from heat and add:

  • Soy sauce (25 cup, low sodium)

Blend until smooth.

Shrimp and scallops


  • Lemon zest (one lemon)
  • Parsley (200 Tbsp, fresh, finely chopped)
  • Paprika (100 tsp)
  • Red pepper (50 tsp, ground)


  • Shrimp (100#, size 16/20, peeled, deveined)
  • Scallops (100#, sea)

with spice mixture. Cook shrimp in a large, nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until curled and pink, about three minutes. Add:

  • Lemon juice (half of one lemon)

Remove shrimp and set aside. Cook scallops over medium-high heat until caramel in color, about three minutes per side. Add:

  • Lemon juice (half of one lemon)

Plum sauce recipe adapted from source unknown. Shrimp and scallops recipe adapted from Rachael Ray.

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